Forecasting software implementation at Medline

Forecasting software implementation ensures optimization, cost efficiency and increased revenue at Medline. ATIM Solutions has been able to support the implementation of Forecast Pro TRAC in recent years, with excellent results.

Medline is a manufacturer and distributor of a comprehensive range of medical and surgical products for healthcare facilities and retail worldwide. In Europe they have 2 factories and 8 distribution centers. Medline has 28,000 demand forecasting units in total. In order to answer this demand in a structured way, Medline has been using an overarching forecasting software, Forecast Pro TRAC, since 2015.

The forecasting process is aimed at the business in Europe and supports the supply chain. The forecasting software looks at the historical data of the past 3 years. Based on this historical data, the system makes a forecast for the next 18 months. With the help of this forecasting software, Medline can improve its forecasting accuracy to increase the likelihood of having the right product at the right time, in the right quantity, in the right place.

In 2018, the transformation of stand-alone PC environments to a server environment with an automatic link to the ERP system started. Additional data was also imported and SKU’s were prioritized using calculated fields.

Medline Kleve warehouse

The challenge

In 2018 the demand for a link between Forecast Pro TRAC and the CRM system that Medline has in place arose. This link would provide a better evaluation of the current market situation. With such a link, not only historical data is looked at, but also the outstanding quotations, new businesses and existing businesses at risk. All key inputs for demand planning are displayed in one screen, enabling planners to make better decisions. As a result, the adjusted sales forecast better fits the market situation.

The demand for such a link grew during the COVID period. However, during this period, Medline experienced tremendous business growth, with its challenges. The supply and demand for pandemic items has been highly unpredictable, dramatically reducing the accuracy of forecasts at Medline. As a result, the implementation of the CRM link was postponed for more than a year before being picked up again.

Forecasting software implementation

The forecasting software used at Medline is Forecast Pro TRAC. With this system you can make a sales forecast with the click of a button.

Forecast Pro TRAC uses a large amount of forecasting models. For example, it is possible to use specialized methodologies for new products, promotional items and one-off promotions. In addition, there is the possibility to choose the “best choice” option. By using various forecasting models, a sales forecast can be made quickly and easily.

Medline uses this forecasting software very effectively throughout Europe. It enables them to optimize their demand-driven planning process and thus work cost-efficiently. A link to Medline’s CRM system ensures smoother communication with the sales team.

Forecasting software implementation


ATIM Solutions provided consultancy to Medline. A consultant from ATIM Solutions was closely involved in the implementation of the CRM/Forecast Pro Trac link. From the start of the process, our consultant has been in close contact with Medline. The wishes were mapped out and applied in the software. Training and support was then provided and is still in place. ATIM Solutions provides a first-line helpdesk to Medline.

One customer-specific consultant from ATIM Solutions was involved throughout the entire process. Due to the temporary stop during the COVID period it ultimately took four years, from the first design phase to the hypercare after GoLive. Medline said: “It brings confidence to the project team, and also it saves time when we can rely on one single point of contact for Forecast Pro TRAC, having the full history and knowledge of Medline process.”

The implementation implied a lot of change management at Medline. The ATIM Solutions consultant supported this with great flexibility. There were some weekends when important updates were made to the system. Also at these times there was always support from ATIM Solutions.

“We’ve experienced a great flexibility in working with ATIM Solutions for the implementation of a connection between our CRM system and Forecast Pro TRAC” – Alexis Basson, Medline.

Forecasting software implementation by ATIM Solutions

ATIM Solutions has been working with Forecast Pro TRAC for over 25 years. We offer you a structural solution to improve your forecast. Forecast Pro TRAC creates accurate demand forecasts for your items. Our forecast tool is the ideal forecast, demand planning and S&OP supplementary system you could wish for. Forecast Pro TRAC always automatically creates the best forecast method at every level in the chain.

Our forecast software works together with your ERP system, such as OracleSAPExact or any other software that you use within your company. With Forecast Pro TRAC you can anticipate your sales process much better through insightful forecasting. It also gives you a good insight into future turnover. You can look ahead and make adjustments if the budgeted turnover threatens to not be achieved.

ATIM is an expert in the field of forecasting and demand management and offers companies worldwide advice and support in the field of forecasting, demand planning and sales and operations planning (S&OP). In addition, we always guide our customers when purchasing forecast software.

The affordable and easy-to-use business solution empowers your team to make accurate and credible demand forecasts. Forecast Pro TRAC analyzes and validates several proven forecasting methods. Research has shown that no other method works better for all your data than Forecast Pro TRAC offers you.

Inventory optimization can bring many benefits. You can reduce inventory levels and improve service performance. The result? Better profitability!

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